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Be ready to get registered for the 2015 Business Media Conference in New Orleans May 7-9, 2015.  

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On behalf of the IBMA board of directors we thank you for your continued support and wish you the best for the Holidays!

IBMA Is Your Qualified National 
Source For Business Media
Installation And Service!

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How to Use the IBMA Installer Map:
Locating an authorized IBMA Installer Member is easy! On the map below, simply click the state and then "mouse over" the company name closest to the area where you need assistance. The state map will then expand. Note that IBMA Installer Members are indicated by RED dots.

For Canada and Puerto Rico, mouse over the dot in the general vicinity.

To get back to the US map, Click the "Zoom Out" magnifier in the lower left hand corner of the expanded state map. 

Expand Your Business Using Qualified Subcontractors
But, how can you tell if they are qualified?  How do you know if they will get the job done?  And how do you avoid Subcontractors that are guaranteed to ignore you, torture you, cost you a fortune and maybe even lose your customer? Using Subcontractors can be frustrating...

We Know - It's Not Easy
We know the drill ... you usually have to make 6 or 7 calls to try and find a Subcontractor in a far away area or even another state, just to do a simple installation or service call for you.
Oh Sure, They Sound Good, But Can You Trust Them? 
Then, when you finally do locate someone, you need to monitor them constantly until the job is complete ... and hope and pray that they did it right.

The IBMA National Member Installer Network Can Be Your Salvation...
IBMA Members are fully qualified to do your "far away" installation or service call ... because you can depend on them!
Another benefit of using an IBMA Installer - if a Member cannot handle your request for some reason(perhaps due to scheduling, manpower shortage etc.) they may still be able to direct you to a reliable source in that area. Wouldn't you feel a lot more comfortable getting a reference from an IBMA Member you probably already know and trust?
The IBMA National Installer Network is Just One Benefit of Being an IBMA Member!
If you are NOT already an IBMA Member, we encourage you to check it out.  Joining this highly Qualified Group of Installation Professionals could be one of the best decisions you ever make for your business!

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